US National Adult Cup

Amateur Cup Final Team Rosters
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    Team Roster Upload Instructions
    Posted Jun 29, 2018

    Teams will need to upload their player pool by July 27th, 2018. Managers will have access to their team pool to make changes up to the deadline. Roster limit is set to 22 players. If you have any questions please email


    1. If you don't have a Stack Sports Account already you will need to create an account during registration. 

    2. Choose Amateur Finals and click Next.

    3. Click "My team is not listed below. I will enter roster data on my own."

    4. Input your team information 

    5. You can now start to add players and coaches to your team. You do not need to put your complete roster at once but will need a minimum of one coach to complete registration. You will be able to go back later and make edits to your roster. 

    6. Acknowledge the waiver.

    7. Review your registration and click Next.

    8. You will receive a confirmation email that your team has been confirmed. 

    9. The final step is to upload player passes here



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